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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should the original Xenoblade be added to X

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I mean Xenoblade didn't get a quarter of the hype and exposure X is getting so it was over looked by many including myself (since I really didn't give a shit about the Wii). And there has even been word that Gamestop, knowing the value and demand for xenoblade opened all brand new copies and sold them as used to inflate the prices, which honestly I wouldn't even be surprised if they did.

With all that taked into account I think it would be a genius move if it was included similar to the original Bayonetta with Bayonetta 2. I mean who wouldn't want 2 games for the price of one?

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No, the stories aren't connected and therefore you don't need to play XBC first.
It would be cool but would be an unnecessary cost.

It should get it's own HD remake since it's story is not related to X.

They should and after Bayonetta reaction they will.

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Depends if Nintendo is still in desperation mode like it is with Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta. But I've said before that it just needs to throw XBC and other high demand games on the eShop without any explanation, given the high price tag of used copies. I was looking at the price of some used GBA games on Amazon earlier, and some of them are in the $100+ range. If there's that much demand for a USED game, then be the one to satisfy the demand!

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OpRa HD collection would be better

Xenoblade Chronicles 

The Last Story

Pandora's Tower

All published by Nintendo and even advertised together at one point.

I wouldn't be surprised. It's a logical next step. Then fatal frame 4 hd with fatal frame 5. Then eternal darkness hd with Eternal darkness 2... if that ever happens.

isn't WiiU BC with Wii?!


No, games have basically nothing to do with each other, i think it is like asking if zelda a link to the past should be added to the new zelda coming out, isn't that logical, that's about the same relationship these games have and obviously im exaggerating but i think the point gets across