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Forums - Gaming Discussion - SONY WON E3 2014!

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Sony┬┤s E3 2014

Awesome! 17 47.22%
Really bad. 14 38.89%

I loved, it was my favorite.

LBP3 looked amazing and Bloodborne seems to be the next big thing after Dark Souls, Uncharted 4 looks amazing!

Batman and The Order were pretty awesome too. GTA5 and The last of Us looked great.

Also, The PSNow on Vita is very attractive to me, great conference. Moving at times, great indie games and AMAZING No man´s Sky trailer.

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I agree that Sony won but I am honestly a bit disappointed with them as well. They won because MS virtually didn't show up and Nintendo in all honesty can't "win" without games like FC4, The Division, AC, Battlefield, etc.

I want Nintendo to prove me wrong though. I want a new Zelda, Hyrule Warriors, more on smash and a Pokemon/Kirby game on Wii U.

I thought it was boring but opinions everyone has one

besides LBP3 i think the lack of variety in IPs is what is making people a bit "meh". a lot of "dark" games and all about action games (count out the indies) more cars, more funny franchises, more adventure game or even an RPG is what is missing on Sony's
it wasn't amazing, it was good no doubt of it, but it did feel that something was missing

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You're not allowed to enjoy it WagnerPaiva!

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Huh? How did I miss the damn Digital Event?!

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Well... It was a typical "we just need to be a little bit better than ms to secure or momentum" conference. Nothing mind blown but you shouldn't fall for the pre-e3 hype anyway. Trying to hype up something beyond return to create attention isn't something new. It happened last year, it happened this year and will happen next year too.

Oddsock is so fucking cute lol

LBP 3 was a big surprise for me, I didn't expect to see it. I'm hyped for it :D and it comes out this year which is great! I'm going to pre order it asap! It's one of the only games my wife will play with me so It's a must purchase.

Bloodborne is day one for me, being a HUGE souls fan I need this game in my life.

I would have loved Sony to show a JRPG but it seems no one cares about that genre anymore.