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What did you think about Sony's Pre-TGS Conference?

It was nice 10 11.90%
Nothing that really caught my attention tbh 25 29.76%
It was awesome! 8 9.52%
Not Bad 7 8.33%
I didn't like it 11 13.10%
It was okay 10 11.90%
Needed more LoD! 4 4.76%
Decent 2 2.38%
Other 7 8.33%

                         Welcome to the Playstation Community Reborn!!!

Here in this thread, you can talk about anything Playstation-related and have fun as a community with other Playstation fans!

A couple of rules to start off with:

1. This is a SFW thread, no NSFW stuff allowed in this thread ever.

2. Always respect each other in this thread, I don't want to have to stop people from having a stupid argument. This is a place to have calm and reasonable discussions and not a place for personal attacks. Gooch doesn't count

Two very simple rules, that should be easy to follow and will hopefully lead to some good times ahead for everyone in the thread :)

Also, if anybody have any poll suggestions for the thread you can PM it to me and I can make it happen!

Hope you stick around here!


Pic of the week

News of the week










 PS4 Game Recommendations

Any community member that thinks a certain game deserves to be recommended to most, if not all ps4 owners can write  1 or 2 paragraphs explaining why they should play said game. Like a small review on it(The rating on the game is also acceptable, but not mandatory).










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Where are the hookers you promised?

Congrats on your new position Gooch. I think you'll make an excellent leader.

My heart is not in it anymore

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I <3 ps3! There! Now I fit in!


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A new era has arrived...
Best of luck!

Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

Yep, you definitely need those hookers and blackjack. And cookies. 

Anyone want to fill me in here? What exactly happened to the last PS Nation thread?

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

i was impressed with the original infamous

 "I think people should define the word crap" - Kirby007

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Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

You need to bring money first, homie!