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Forums - Movies & TV - New Spider-Man movie to be released every year, says Sony UPDATE: not any more...

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Sony the activision of movie making!

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Who came up with this horrible idea?

Nintendo and PC gamer

Yay, annual entertainment franchises! Only TV series should be annual, movies and games; not so much.
This is a horrible idea.

I love Spider-man and spiderman movies, so I have no problem with this, especially if the quality doesn't drop.

Yeah! Kill Spider-Man!

(I'm actually Doctor Octopus)

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kowenicki said:
This seems a tad ridiculous to me...

Every year? Over kill?

Why not make it a TV movie series in that case? They did say they wanted to make less movies and more TV content after all.

Odd decision.

Why not?

Spiderman movies are always a box office success

Pretty certain it's spider man related films. Like spinoffs etc. Wouldn't be a main entry every year

Seems like Sony really is grasping for any way to get money.

They should just sell the rights to Marvel/Disney, or come to an agreement with them to have Spiderman in the MCU.

While the Sony Spiderman films are enjoyable and do well at the box office, the franchise isnt big enough for Yearly outings and aside from Venom, his enemies arent popular enough to carry spin-off films.


Why every year a Spider-Man movie? Why not every 3 months? Imagine the serious money Sony could make!!! ;)