When did you grow a beard?

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I can grow one but I don't wanna. My facial hair grows in a very fast rate and I have to shave every 2 days.

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Beards are an art. To those who say they can't grow one, google "groomer". Some facial areas require trimming so that they can equalise with the others.

BasilZero said:
16 and I need to shave like every 2 days lol

You lucky bastard...

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17. I shave every 2 weeks.


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Logico15 said:
At 12/13 but it's not an actually beard but, you can see my facial hair at like at 4 feet or less distance. My moustache thoe is really huge for my age. I have the biggest mustache in 8th even thoe I'm the youngest kid in my school. I had to shave like every couple of weeks because it grows fast.

Every couple of weeks. Enjoy that. I have to shave every day and I have a shadow an hour after shaving. Most annoying thing ever. I would love to go back to shaving every 2 days. That being said I haven't shaved in a month.

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ok this thread need to post more pics :P


Last year I had a beard but no sides when I was 20. This year I have a beard and sides but not so complete. Takes a long time too, few months. Good thing Idc if I shave or not.

Had a pretty good one going since May of this year. Shaved early December.

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My latest nice beard pic.

I have a bit of a bald spot under my chin because of a fall I had when I was a kid, but after grooming it never shows because it equalises with the other parts.



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