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Mmmfishtacos said:
19 years old with a 4 year old son... hmm. And then claims he's buying the console for the 4 year old. Pays 750 for a photo, get's a free xbox and his money back. There's so much stupid here it's got to be real life. You can't make this shit up.

Exactly my thoughts. 

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lucky guy, that's all I'm gonna say

a refund is one thing, its great actually. But now a free xbox one?

Its time to leave Earth.

Darwin is rolling over in his coffin right now.

This goes to show, being an idiot in society is a blessing in disguise

"Time teh go full retard guis!"

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This is nonsense, why reward his stupidity? Intended for his 4 year old..sigh.


NotStan said:
Honestly, this is rewarding stupidity, a refund was going too far, especially if it clearly stated that it was a picture. The worst thing is he was 15-16 when he had his son, so the genius will spread further. Am not slagging off early parents, my mother had me when she was 19, but honestly, that's just outrageous, there are worse things that happened before and they don't come with so much more on top. Stupidity should NOT be rewarded.

I don't even think he could have been 16 when he had his son.  If so, and his son was four, wouldn't that make him 20?  I agree with you completely though.  This type of idiocy should not be promoted with rewards.

Some key points:
1) CEX is basically a pawn shop, the console is most likely a day 1 edition that got sold on to them
2) Despite the claims of it being "for his son" none of the original reports, or the new reports of a free console show his son, nor any games mentioned intended for said son.
3) As if his level of stupid needed highlighting, he was 14 when he knocked up his girlfriend. (pro tip guys, takes roughly 9 months for a child to be born) and 15 when said child was born, i.e. STILL A CHILD himself.

In all likelihood, the console was always for himself, he saw a cheap console and hit buy it now, didnt read the description until after a picture arrived, then came up with the story of it being for his kid and "taking the risk" afterwards for sympathy.

why do they keep calling it a scam.
its not, it he got the exact product as listed. just because he has poor reading comprehension skills, doesnt mean its a scam.
he's an idiot, not only did he attempt to buy the console for $250 of market value, but it clearly said photo.
he could have easily got the console at a store, or just a bit more on ebay..

and then he's lying about the "console is for his son" he had his son a 15, just goes to show how smart he is instead of playing xbox, he and his son should be playing some hooked on phonics, and actually learn something.

He is 19 with a 5 year old kid...I guess he bought a picture of a condom too...


Frequency said:
Zkuq said:
Max King of the Wild said:
Zkuq said:
Umm, people, the guy wasn't being stupid. The photo was listed in the console category, not in some photo category, in which case it's reasonable to expect that a product of such price is actually the console and not just a photo. eBay is full of erroneous product listings, and often you just have to guess what information is correct. Of course the smart thing would be to ask and not assume, but in this case, it seems to have been pretty safe to assume it was the actual console. And either way, the seller wasn't up to anything good, no matter how you try to spin it.

The only thing I'm not liking about this too much is the fact that he got not only a refund but also a free console.

He even admitted he noticed that it said it was a photo of one. He was stupid

Now where did I say he didn't notice it? I'm fully aware he did notice it, thank you. I'm saying he still had every reason to expect it was the real thing and not the photo because of the price and category of the product. You don't simply list a photo in the console category and price it at the price of a console and expect people to believe it's a photo. It's reasonable to expect that the word 'photo' in the title is an error unless it's repeatedly stated in the description as well. Heck, for all you know, the word 'photo' in the title could indicate that there's photos of the product in the description.

You must be new to ebay, repeat the following. "If in doubt, get the f**k out".

So you mean that scammers should be free to scam because people should just stop buying from them? And that this scammer did nothing wrong but only the buyer did? Your advice is good but it's not a strict law you have to follow. As I said, in this case there was every reason to expect it was an actual console, and you can see that eBay agrees with me because the seller was banned.