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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sega confirms cancellation yakuza 5 western release

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I am a yakuza fan. I was expecting a western release. They could have put "English subtitles" and westernization would be complete. Now I have to import it. Does japanese version have subtitles?


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...and there were people happy with the thought of SEGA buying Atlus...BAH !

..damn it, Sega

I just made a thread about Japanese devs and publishers being disconnected from the rest of the world. I don't know the reason for the cancellation in the West but it's been surely often.

I can hear badgenome crying... And fapping.. He's still fapping


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            Meeeeeeh.  Never cared for Yakuza.

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Sega is pretty close to being trash. They can screw up anything.

I'm disheartened. I only played Yakuza 3, but I was eventually going to get through the other two. Especially the zombie one.

Fuck you, Sega. I swear that Sega tried to get this series to bomb in the US. Always releasing the games alongside high profile titles. Releasing Yakuza Dead Souls when it's obvious it's a game no one ever wanted, even Yakuza fans like myself.

I'll confirm right now that unless it's a must own title, such as Phantasy Star Online 2, which will also probably be cancelled in the US, I won't purchase another Sega published title.

They need the resources to localise Yakuza 1 & 2 Wii U edition.