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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokémon: The Origin, anime based on RED, confirmed (with trailer!)

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Who is your favorite Pokémon protagonist?

RED 102 88.70%
ash 8 6.96%
What's a poky-man? 5 4.35%

"During the Pokémon Game Show, it was announced that a brand new anime will run to coincide with Pokémon XY. This anime is called Pokémon: The Origin, features Red & Green, is based directly on the games, and is to run from October 2nd."

Yes this is real. They finally did it. Airing this October. More info on Serebii. Further impressions from Siliconera.

It's still up in the air as to whether this is a one-time special or something long, but that doesn't mean there won't be more -- The Pokémon Company may just be testing the water to see if there would be an audience for such a show, and I think there will be!

Even if it is just a one-off, that's better than nothing. :)

EDIT: We now have a trailer! The animation quality looks pretty nice.

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Oh wow! I'm hoping it's a bit more deep than the current series are. I did like the first few seasons of Pokemon, but it eventually became repetitive. Plus, Red>Ash.

Most likely a short series, good stuff.


Sounds sweet! I hope this means the main character will actually get somewhere rather than resetting each season.

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Hope its a full anime show! Would be awesome for the teen audience!

Einsam_Delphin said:
Sounds sweet! I hope this means the main character will actually get somewhere rather than resetting each season.

It couldn't be about Red if he didn't win the championship at the end!

I'm hoping he doesn't have the personality of ash "solve everything WITH POKEMON BATTLES"


Guys, this is happening! It's time to speculate!

Who do you think will animate the show? Could it be the same studio who did the Black 2/White 2 shorts last year?

Do you think Red will talk, or will he remain a silent protagonist?

Will the show be a single-episode special, a mini-series, a full-length season? Is the Pokémon Company testing the waters for a longer series, or do they intend for this to last only a short time to provide a marketing boost for X & Y?

Likewise, will the show cover the entire story of Red/Blue, or will it end early -- or perhaps continue past the end of gen 1?