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Cobretti2 said:
interesting Rol thread this is.

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lol Nintendogs

only god can judge me and apparently rol

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i think you should add me on nintenppupies
plus i beat you on Mario kart

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To be honest (and I was already expecting this), I actually don't agree with the assessment about me here. But it's all in good fun, so there's no real harm. It's interesting to see where people get ranked and what gets said about them.

sethnintendo said:
Cobretti2 said:
interesting Rol thread this is.

damn so this is what happenes when you lack sleep for years lol. I did even realise haha.



Judgement is spot on for me. How did you know?

damn this thread is on FIRE!

Can you judge users without there permission? I wanna see Turkish, Kowenicki and pezus be judged oh and sales2099