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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite New game IP(s) in the past 2 years.

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What's your favorite New IP(s) of the past 2 years. (sorry for lack of titles for poll)

Pushmo 2 4.76%
Journey 6 14.29%
Mostly or so, PS titles 14 33.33%
Mostly or so, Nintendo titles 17 40.48%
Mostly or so, XBox titles 3 7.14%

I guess I start the discussion with some of mine.


Dillon's Rolling Western

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword

Denpa Men:They Came by Waves

Crimson Shroud

Project X Zone

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Beyond the Labyrinth

Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

Ketzal's Corridors

Liberation Maiden (short but sweet digital)

Mutant Mudds

Gunman Clive (not sure if this counts)




Ni No Kuni & Kid Icarus: Uprising, probably don't count :.(

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Xenoblade if that counts if not ninokuni

There have been new IP's these past two years?  O.O



Seriously though, I don't think that I have played any title of a new IP recently. Metro 2033 from 2010 would be the most recent.

Ni No Kuni - PS3

Mark of the Ninja -X360

The Walking Dead - PC

ZombiU -WiiU

Kid Icarus - 3DS

EDIT: That is interesting.  each one for a different console.  I was debating on FEZ and Journey but personally they arent in my favs.  Journey was good but way too short.  I feel it needs a price cut honestly.  FEZ is ok, and for whatever reason i havent reviewed it yet




What?! I can't hear you over all this awsome! - Pyrrhon (Kid Icarus:Uprising)

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Ni no Kuni


The Walking Dead

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Yeah, I like "Ni No Kuni" & Xenoblade Chronicles & ZombiU too.


The Walking Dead

The Last of Us? Can I count that? Blah.

This is hard. Most of my favorite IPs have had two installments.

pokoko said:
The Last of Us? Can I count that? Blah.

This is hard. Most of my favorite IPs have had two installments.

If its not out yet, but is coming out in the next 3 years, then you need to go to my other thread: