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I've been seeing a few general questions asked about how to do certain things on the forums and thought it would be nice to create one big repository of answers.

So if you have any resources on How-To's from the forums bookmarked, here's the place to post those links and I'll add them all to the OP. If you have certain questions on how to do things post them here. If you have answers, post those as well. We'll create an OP that contains answers to as many queries as we can.

List of Guides

Embed Videos

Adding Color and Style to Text

Blocking Images/Avatars (unfinished)

Add Pictures to Posts

Using "Quick Reply":

Images can be added to posts using BBCode (bulletin board) tags for images. Those work by putting the link to the image between an opening tag "[ img ]" and a closing tag "[ /img ]". When using the tags remove the spaces. There are no spaces in the tags when in use; I've included them so the page doesn't try to render an image between the tags.

Using "Rich Text Editor"

The easiest way (not using the HTML editor) is using the 'Insert Button' button in the Rich Text Editor panel. It is the little icon of a tree between the anchor and the brush. If you can't find it, it's the 4th icon from the right on the second row of buttons in the editor.

Pressing it will bring up a dialog where you can paste the link of the image and fiddle with other options. Note: These other options don't always work (especially the dimension ones) so don't rely on them to scale down an image you're posting if the image has large dimensions.

Add a poll to a thread

New Thread

When creating a new thread the screen you're presented with lets you (from top to bottom) select a forum to place the thread in, insert a title for the thread, add a poll through a check box. If you check the box to add a poll, you will be presented with a screen when you've submitted the OP. From here it's pretty self explanatory; just add in the question and the answer options.

Existing Thread

In the top right corner of the original post you'll see an "edit thread" button if you are the thread creator. When you click it you'll be presented with the option to move the thread, change the thread title, add/edit the poll (click the "click here" text to add a poll if there isn't one). You'll be presented with the same screen as you would if adding a poll to a new thread.

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How do you make posts not appear, even though they are there?

How to properly use columns and tables in rich text? How about big and small font? What about the paragraph adjust problem? You know when you want something centered but it does not center.

Great idea.

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spurgeonryan said:
1. How do you make posts not appear, even though they are there?

2. How to properly use columns and tables in rich text?

3. How about big and small font?

4. What about the paragraph adjust problem? You know when you want something centered but it does not center.

Great idea.

1. Not sure what you mean. Do you mean when threads get messed up and have negative new post counts?

2.  Is there anything more specific you'd like to know about this? It's fairly simple. Just click the "Insert a new table" button in the Rich text editor, tell it how many rows/columns you want and then fill it up. The tables all take the entire width of the page and there's no easy way to make it not do so (I do believe I got it to be thin at one point but it requires some html knowledge and can mess the table up if done wrong).

3. See "Adding Color and Style to Text" in the OP. It has some info how changing font sizes (again, requiring HTML).

4.  In those cases, do you use a different word processor before copying and pasting your content into the Rich Text Editor? MS Word adds a ton of metadata to text formatting that isn't interpreted properly by the site when it's posted. I recall this being an issue in a post or two that I've helped you out with. Has this happened when you haven't used Word/another word processor?

Thanks for the questions. This is sort of the rhythm I hope to set with this thread. People come with questions and others come with answers.

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Very good idea to have one thread that points you where need to go.


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I'm glad this is up and running.

Don't forget about the thread that teaches how to use different size fonts and colors.

edit - nevermind you already have the link.