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Really, people? Is there really a reason to ignore Microsoft like they are little toddlers? Hey, Xbox 360 exists! That's great! Isn't that what a console is supposed to do?

(Didn't want you to feel left out, Xbox guys kowenicki.)

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Xbox? Are you high?

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i dont ignore the Xbox, i just have not used it much lately xD

the OP was funny. I dont ignore MS as ive probably had everyone of their Windows OS at some point, but Xbox?? Yeah, the failure rate was way too high at the beginning for me to ever consider a serious purchase and im not going to pay to play online when i can play the exact same games (mostly) on other machines online for free

Lack of games that interest me for the system.

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what is this xbox you speak of?

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Are you accusing some specific group of people of ignoring the xbox or this is a general question ?

Windows 8 is terrible, Windows 8 UI is ugly, Surface fucks with vendors, XBL Gold isn't worth the money, and Games for Windows Live is still a piece of garbage even after so many years. I like Windows 7 though, that's about it when it comes to MS for me as I'm neutral on the 360 hardware itself, I just don't like the eco system.

I don't much care for shooters, and they lack a decent handheld. Why would I care about Microsoft?

Well, besides the Operating Systems. I do love me my Windows 7.

Love and tolerate.

My baby still plays with the controller.
The hdmi cable however is now firmly plugged into my pc, running windows 7, no ignoring.