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Does NSMB2 look like a sequel?

Yes 13 50.00%
No 9 34.62%
See Results 4 15.38%

I thought with NSMB2 being out in Japan and coming soon to America, it would be worth comparing the two games to see how few improvements have been made.



The background is prettier, the textures more complex, the coins are shinier, etc.


Note how more space is available for bigger characters.


I bet the one on the right looks great in 3D.


The background on the right is light years better!


What do you think? Does NSMB2 look like a proper sequel?

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No comments?

Love and tolerate.

I feel like it looks like another game in a relatively mediocre series.
Visually: its held back by its crappy art style. It really can't look too much better without changing this...of course its an upgrade but graphics alone wont sell me
Sound: they use the same songs as the other games in the series when they were never even very good.
Levels: same world themes as NSMB although i will give it credit for added verticality
Power Ups: is there anything actually 100% new in here...i feel like ive seen it all before

of course its still gonna be a great game but its the same great game millions of people have already played twice. The coin idea had potential but nothing was done with it. I feel like Nintendo looked at the sales of NSMB and NSMBwii and figured they should pump out another for the sales. Looks to me like the actual effort is going into the upcoming NSMBU...

Everything improved! Those blurry backgrounds look great, and supposedly are made for 3D

Wow, NSMB was really pixelated. xD

Yes, it does look a lot better. The stages even look much more fun.
The only problem I have is that they never freaking change the music....

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It looks better and like a sequel, I absolutely agree. It doesn't look like a 'next gen' upgrade over NSMB though, in my opinion, which is what it actually is.

Reminds me more of NSMBWii than the first DS iteration. But honestly, it feels more like a spin-off given the coin focus.

NSMBU on the other hand, feels like a real sequel, imo.

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Having played NSMB just yesterday, it looks improved a lot. I know it doesn't look like it, because we always think better of what we're fond of, but it is.

One other:

VicViper said:

One other:

It really does look good. Almost like NSMBWii.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.