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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What uncharted has to learn from splinter cell

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Oh hai! Let me start by saying uncharted is great. The story, graphics and dialogue are are all awesome ...well the graphics and dialogue anyway. The gameplay is what needs the most improvement and splinter cell is the game to look at in that department. So here are some things drake should learn form sam.

COVER!- While uncharted's cover system seems to be a faster version of gears of war, they are still in the same boat, press a button to engage cover and press again to get out of cover. Splinter cell is left trigger (L2) squeeze to get in and let go to release. You never get stuck or go where you didnt mean.

KARATE CHOP- brawling is fun in uncharted but i want more 1 hit finishers!


HANG ON BABY- I noticed the boys at naughty dog definetly took some cues from sam with uncharted 3's ledge hanging and movement so im quite happy with what i saw there.

CO-OP- Looking good uncharted!

MP - splinter cell really fucked up here!

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EDIT: I'm bored so I'll bite

Uncharted has nothing to learn from Slinter Cell(or vice versa) as both have different stlyes of play.

I've only played a small amount of splinter cell games but It seems obvious the the splinter cells(well the ones I've played) revolves around stealth and somewhat tactics; a game more like Metal gear Solid. yes if you get caught you might have to get into a little fire fight, but I found them not to be on the scale of uncharted.

in the Uncharted series it more of an action adventure that will have you using your gun more than your fist and stealth kills, yes uncharted does give you some stealth moments to get the upperhand, but I doin't think it's possible to beat the game with stealth alone. as for 1-hit melee kills it is possible if you damage the enemy enough or play it on the easiest difficulty.

I'm going to say the same thing I said in another thread today:

The 100-posts-to-create-a-thread rule needs to return

Jay520 said:
I'm going to say the same thing I said in another thread today:

The 100-posts-to-create-a-thread rule needs to return

What exactly does that do? not like his question would changed ive seen super dumb threads from people with thousands of posts. Though i have no prob with his suggestions.

uncharted could use some more variety in actual combat. Maybe give us the option to go through everything stealthily or guns blazing. The one thing that urks me about uncharted 2 is that everything is super realistic looking and I'm just supposed to be a simple treasure hunter yet I'm practically a bulletproof superhero.