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Forums - Sony Discussion - LG gets injunction against PS3 sales in Europe!?

See title - it's based on a copyright suit going on right now (which LG is apparently gaining serious ground in), and could lead to something more permanent.

Only 2-3 weeks worth of product in retail channels? At least ten days where no consoles will be shipped into Europe!? holy shit!

Okay guys

How soon before Sony tries to settle?

Actually, if Sony does try to settle - what happens if LG doesn't accept their terms?

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That's pretty fucked up, hopefully it gets settled quickly. Sony will be racing to get it done as fast as possible, that's for sure.


Now that's something I didn't expect to go through. I don't really know what to say except that it could heavily impact PS3's strongest region... for now. I don't expect it to become permanent.

sucks for anyone that is looking to buy a ps3 (if this goes on past 3 weeks)

If they do settle and LG are still stubborn, then theres something really wrong here. Kiss the PS3 goodbye.

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radiantshadow92 said:

sucks for anyone that is looking to buy a ps3 (if this goes on past 3 weeks)

It's only for 10 days ATM.

Still, it's no good. Especially given that LG's products are vastly inferior to Sony's.

M$ backing LG confirmed??? :(

bah! Humbug! we all know there are millions of PS3's out there clogging the channels!

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They'll settle. The  patents for these things are so vague that every  tech product on Earth infringes something LG owns.

sucks for Sony....and Europeans