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I'm surprised to hear the artstyle getting any hate.  I liked it, and I thought the whole Celda-hate died off half a decade ago.

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I'm disappointed, but not for any of the reasons they mentioned here. I really like the art style, and it looks like this game is bringing more new mechanics to the series than TP did. I also don't get why people say it looks like WW, it doesn't WW had Toon Shading, this it more painting-like.

BUT, the presentation was a let down, and they really didn't show anything of the actual game at E3, they just tossed you into this random forest. No back story, no nothing. Fortunately more info has been released recently, but still. I was hoping for a little bit...more. And the trailer wasn't so great either.

I was initially disappointed myself. And the presentation interference contributed to the luke warm reception from me. Even the art style wasn't my cup of tea..initially. Once I saw high quality vids of M controls, and the fluidity of the graphics, I've become very excited for the game.

The demo area won't even be in the final game, and Nintendo's track record for polish is second to none. The demo really is just a trial for the gameplay to come. And its accuracy really outshines the motion endeavors coming from competing consoles.

But I can understand the disappointment. Extremely high expectations can lead to such feelings.

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I guess Skyward Sword can officially be inducted into the Zelda family now that the inane complaining has begun. On the bright side of this stupidity, Twilight Princess should now be considered a masterpiece.

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stupid.  they jsut doing for clicks

i mean aren't they supposed to be a professional gaming site?

Zelda was a tech demo, it was a premade stage with enemies thrown in ONLY for E3.  We didnt' see an ounce of story, world, characters, or anything.  It was a purely gameplay demo, to show off the controls and from reports on floor they are best controls ever and work flawlessly.

The graphics?  seriously when are we going to quit bitchign about zelda graphics.  It's always bitching no matter the kind, and its always not good enough or the right kind.  I just don't get the gaming sites.  I mean last year one of the biggest hits and talked about things was THE AGENT.  WHAT?  we saw what a title?  Or the jizzing over things like a CG trailer for yet another sequal of some game, such as GOW constantly does.  they always get love and they are when revealed only shownig some CG trailer.  This was a purely gameplay tech demo.  i swear you guys wanted them to just show a trailer and you be happy.  A demo is 100000000% better than any trailer, and gameplay trailer is 100000% better than any trailer.

I'm sick of commercials adn trailers showing off a game that are in CG.

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it looked ok, i was expecting a huge jump over TP, after all that was a gamecube game.

another dissapointment was you need to buy wiimote to get best out of it

another dissapointment was instead of a game reveal, they just did a control reveal.


im sure full game will be fine but they could have done better, thus it was biggest dissapointment of e3.

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I been saying for a while now Zelda needs to be changed drasticly, in some way.

The old Zelda fans will rage and piss and moan but who cares, these are the same fans bitching about the recent Zeldas anyways.

If they make the same Zelda over and over its stale and if they change it then its no longer Zelda and people rage.

I say change it up. I want a Zelda II type change and to hell with the fanboys.

The demonstration was about gameplay and art style. The former seemed to be fantastic, with very sophisticated motion controls, whereas the latter was good. Graphics weren't as good as Wind Waker but they are clearly in the right direction. I hope they will revise some of the enemies and place more green in the environment.

Im sure even with those stupid motion controls that Ninty wants to force us to play with, Zelda is gonna end up a great game.The disappointment to me (besides the no classic pro support) was the that the demo wasn't in a real stage or dungeon but in a little hub and the trailer showed nothing really.

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Attoyou said:


Sadly Thats still the Zelda im waiting for, TP just was not enough.

Uhh... That is Twilight Princess. That only showed gameplay segments which are in TP. I don't know wtf you were expecting.

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