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Hero_time88 said:
FFXIII doesn't deserve a 9+ score by any means.

Great story, solid voice acting, excellent battle system, beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack...yeah doesn't sound like a 9+ to me either




How is Eternal Sonata so highly rated, the ending of that game is enough to take off 20 points

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well the meta is an 82, which puts it behind Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls which I agree with from what I've played so far, but I think that the meta for Eternal Sonata is too high since FFXIII is definitely better than that by more than the difference in meta scores would make you assume.


kowenicki said:

it is an RPG. if not.. what is it? give me a genre and name some games in the same genre.

and @selnor too:

well, things change
ME2 is more shooting, less RPG (from review)

Neverthless, for FFXIII, I would say it is an action RPG but not really a JRPG

I mean : when game evolve and go away from the franchise, when it is noted (negatively) by EVERY reviewer, it is perhaps time to admit : FFXIII is not a JRPG, it is an hybrid game.

That does not mean it is shit, it means it is not a "JRPG"

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easy all JRPG have lower than expected score as they are just not as good as the used to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so far my experience with ff has been pretty fun, battle system is great so far! i was expecting worse lol.

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kowenicki said:
LO and FFXIII deserve over 90.

THIS!!! But we all know that JRPG's are underrated especially this generation. Selnor, you take metacritic WAY TOO seriousley my friend!!! When I come into a thread that says "FFXIII vs Other JRPG's this gen." I think I'm coming in to talk about quality, not metacritic.

FFXIII is BY FAR the best RPG this generation IMO.

Also, you forgot to put Demons Souls in your list of games.

Hero_time88 said:
I also recently finished Star Ocean International and I think that's a better game than FFXIII, and that one is also far from perfect.

Seriously? I hated Star Ocean 4 (I only have a 360 mind you, but I don't think voice differences will change the game much) but my wife loved it.

This is dissapointing, and honestly if It didn't have the Final Fantasy name I'd imagine the scores would be even worst. I'm getting my copy of FFXIII today or tommorow (waiting on Amazon, got it for $45 after credit and pre-order savings) but it looks like Lost Odyssey and TOV are still the better game?

It's just that simple.

It's why I get my games a few days late. I can wait. Amazon doesn't charge tax and threw in a $10 gaming credit (which I'll use knowing how many games I buy, check out my 360 collection lol).

It's just that simple.

Yeah, didn't Demon's Souls get an 89 on Meta? Or are we going into the whole "its not really a JRPG argument"? It should probably be mentioned at least.

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ShadowSoldier said:
I hate reading a review for a JRPG and see them make comparison to a WRPG...Hell they're practically different genres.

I've been saying this for years. I've also said JRPG will be viewed and compared differently if they have a name change. They are closer to movies and books than an RPG. Enjoy what they are for what they are and just relax about the RPG stuff, because it's not. A different genre name, would probable end this low review profiling.

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