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    Soriku's Wall

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    < darkknightkryta posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Hoky shit Soriku! It's been like 10 years since the speculation for Kingdom Hearts 3 began. We have to celebrate it's re'ease.


    on 24 January 2019

    < konnichiwa posted something on Soriku's wall: 10 fecking years and still discussions about KH3 on a nintendo console...

    Wow lol

    on 14 January 2017

    < Xen posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Uhuh, you are 22 and you still come to this place?

    Time... it won't wait.

    Meant to say: now 22.

    on 20 October 2016

    Can't I say the same about you? :p I barely log in anymore.

    on 21 October 2016

    < Wright posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Soriku, mah boyo. How's it going?

    Good, what's up?

    on 26 March 2016

    Waiting until Dark Souls 3. It's unbearable!

    on 27 March 2016

    Same here :P Well I have plenty of ways to keep myself occupied till it releases.

    on 27 March 2016

    For example?

    on 27 March 2016

    Other games (towards the end of MGSV and Witcher 3, bought the three Fatal Frame games off PSN and made some progress in 1, also bought Trails of Cold Steel which I probably won't dig in to until Dark Souls 3 is finished but I played a bit of the intro). Then it's my last month of school, and I'm trying to finish up an internship.

    on 27 March 2016

    You should get Nights of Azure.

    on 11 April 2016

    Me? How is it?

    on 13 April 2016

    < konnichiwa posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Some people said you are a cool guy who are you? Never seen you before =p

    Then you must be new :x

    on 20 March 2016

    Oh you forgot me :(.

    on 20 March 2016

    I didn't :P

    on 20 March 2016

    < Wright posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Thanks Wright, you too man :)

    on 30 December 2015

    < Kamal posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Greatest Part of them ALL!

    I'm hyped.

    on 23 December 2015

    < noname2200 posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Somebody else using your PSN account?

    My brother

    on 27 May 2015

    He sent me about a dozen messages.

    on 27 May 2015

    lmao. I didn't notice.

    on 27 May 2015

    Which part of Bloodborne did you need help with btw?

    on 28 May 2015

    Unseen Village, I ended up making it to the One Reborn though. I think I can clear it solo.

    on 28 May 2015

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Symphonia completed. It's been a long time, but it's done. It was an alright game. I'd put it as a 6.5-7.5/10. Not quite sure yet.

    Did you do any additional quests towards the end? Also what do you think Symphonia did better or worse than other Tales?

    on 14 March 2015

    I did a couple. Didn't do the dungeon, but I did try to get the 10 titles trophy for most of the characters.

    I think Symphonia laid a solid foundation for 3D tales combat to build on. I thought while it was very simple, it worked. I liked the initial story build up (even though it felt very familiar) and most of the characters had motivations that made sense.

    I do think the game was way too easy and that the story felt apart completely in the 2nd half. Once it got serious, it got nonsensical. Some of the pacing choices were very odd and took some of the steam out of the game's momentum (why gather summon spirit fetch quest?!).

    on 16 March 2015

    OK. Did you try playing on a harder difficulty? I didn't mind the summon spirit quest because there are some solid dungeons and good bosses. Which parts of the story did you think were nonsensical?

    on 17 March 2015

    Beat Abyssion you casul

    on 06 May 2015

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    And now for more updates, I'm now back on Sylvarant. I gathered nearly all of the Summon Spirits, so I would think I'm getting towards the end. I think the story has suffered a bit, but it's alright.

    Oh you're pretty far...I'm impressed :P You still have a ways to go, but you're getting there.

    on 23 February 2015

    I'm going by the HTML GameFAQs guide for progress. It says I'm on Chapter 43 of 64.

    on 23 February 2015

    Derp. I'm on chapter 47 now. I got light spirits and I'm doing the Iselia ranch with scorned lover.

    on 23 February 2015

    Did you do Shadow Temple? That's probably the most annoying one.

    on 23 February 2015

    Yep. That one wasn't too bad once I realized that the AI was set to be intentionally terrible with the mini-shadows.

    on 23 February 2015

    FYI, when you open the last door in the final dungeon (right before the final boss), a lot of stuff opens up. And if you go out of your way to explore, there's even a sidequest in the final dungeon itself, where you can arrange blocks, which lets you unlock an optional dungeon, Niflheim.

    on 24 February 2015

    Is it worth it?

    on 24 February 2015

    I don't remember how good the items are if you explore the last dungeon more tbh. Niflheim itself is kind of annoying lol. It has a time limit type gimmick.

    The other general sidequests are worth it, and you can even get Maxwell as a summon spirit in one quest. They may have also added something new for the PS2/PS3 version.

    on 24 February 2015

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Another status update. I'm finishing up the Tower of Mana. It's been enjoyable for the most part. Not sure if I'd change its ranking for Tales, but I don't hate it.

    Oh, you're much further than I expected :3 Though you still have a lot to go.

    Did you get around to playing Xillia 2?

    on 29 January 2015

    Nope! Symphonia comes first!

    on 29 January 2015

    Reasonable enough :P

    on 29 January 2015

    Saw you were playing LR. What do you think?

    on 29 January 2015

    Hmm...well I liked it more than FF XIII-2. I'd say the battle system (could be interesting if they used it again in a later game, but expanded it and supported more party members) and soundtrack were better. Story about the same; maybe a bit better. It had a few good points, but I didn't really care for it. I liked the two major towns; Luxerion had a better atmosphere but Yusnaan had better music.

    Wasn't a fan of the time limit system when there are a lot of sidequests. I managed to complete most of them, but it was kind of annoying since I like to go at my own pace. My biggest disappointment was that sidequest completion doesn't carry over to NG+. I unlocked the 14th day dungeon, but I couldn't reach the endboss since it was tough on Normal and time was running out. If I wanted another stab at the dungeon, I'd have to do most of the quests over again, which I really didn't feel like doing, so not long after starting NG+ I gave up.

    on 30 January 2015

    I didn't bother with NG+, but then again, I also was able to beat the day 14 dungeon.

    That said, the side quests are able to done again so that your stats can continue to rise.

    on 30 January 2015

    Did you play on Easy?

    I don't mind that they give you an option to do the sidequests again, I just wish you could carry over the completion of the quests you already did. Like they could add another quest menu to NG+...have a list of every unique quest you completed carried over along every playthrough, and have another menu set for quests you initiate again, and list them there. They could delete that list every time you do another NG+. The Day 14 unlock would depend on the former menu.

    on 30 January 2015

    Not sure if Day 14 lock carries over or not. Should be able to breeze through the questline.

    And no, I don't play games on Easy!

    on 30 January 2015

    Then maybe you just had a better setup than me :P Or you killed a bunch of the Last Ones before doing the dungeon, unlike me.

    The quests took me too long to do tbh. Not in the mood to do them anything.

    on 30 January 2015

    I killed the majority of Last Ones before the dungeon and skipped ahead of the most troublesome ones.

    on 30 January 2015

    Yeah I was too lazy to do that :P

    on 30 January 2015

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    So, I've put in over 3 hours in Symphonia over the weekend. I guess I took your statement as a challenge accepted.

    Cool. Hope you enjoy the game more...kinda doubt it though :P

    on 06 January 2015

    Combat and Graphics is super dated by series standards. Playing the game in Japanese has completed changed my perception of Colette though.

    on 06 January 2015

    At least the dungeons are still good. And the OST.

    on 06 January 2015

    OST is solid. I've only gone through 2-3 dungeons. Really wish I could undo one of my sorcerer ring shots in the fire temple tho. :-/

    on 06 January 2015

    Oh, I think I know what you're talking about. You go back to the temple later, but I don't remember if you can redo anything.

    ToS has a ton of missables if you're not looking at a guide.

    on 06 January 2015

    I've kinda resigned myself to that fact. I know I've found a couple of little side things, but I know I'd go crazy if I tried to get/do everything like I did with Graces.

    on 07 January 2015

    The first time I played the game I missed, like, everything.

    Also I got your friend request.

    on 07 January 2015

    I thought I had you added tbh. my username can lead to VGCers forgetting who I am.

    on 08 January 2015

    < Wright posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Merry Christmas, Soriku!

    Merry Christmas :)

    on 26 December 2014

    < noname2200 posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    < Soriku updated his status:

    Currently playing Metal Gear Solid.

    < Leadified posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Man, I feel ya.

    It's OK. Even if I don't convince the people I'm arguing against, some others might be interested and start questioning religious nonsense.

    on 19 October 2014

    That's a really good point actually. I have seen your posts before and I do appreciate that you stand up for science and reason when others try to dismiss or discredit it.

    on 19 October 2014

    < Soriku updated his status:

    Currently playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    How are you liking it? I went to clean up Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIII. Though, I cheated with XIII.

    on 11 October 2014

    I only played FF XIII-2 prior. I'm liking it quite a bit. The world is pretty cool, and I haven't gotten entirely used to the battle system (I liked that it's more action-oriented though) and the time management yet, but it's fine. Some of the tracks on the soundtrack are just sick too.

    on 12 October 2014

    < outlawauron posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Also, did you change your PSN or create a new one?

    It's KirolosF. Same as always.

    on 02 September 2014

    < .:Dark Prince:. posted something on Soriku's wall:

    Still hyped for KH3? :P


    on 01 September 2014

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