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    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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    i made these for you hope u enjoy

    < BHR-3 posted something on postofficebuddy's wall:

    ...HEY YO

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    Happy holidays everybody

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

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    Going on vacation till the 9th

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    Hello I am Tina,

    I guess you will not surprise to receive my mail? i saw your profile and it

    sound well.I will like us to exchange good relationship.I am Tina

    by name,No kid and never marry.from here you can contact me at this

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    pictures and also tell you more about myself,have a nice day

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    Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love and concern matters alot in life




    < postofficebuddy updated his status:

    Taking a bit of a break. It's too toxic around here ATM.

    Well when you come back. Come check out the new baseball thread for the year. Still working on it, but we will see how it goes.

    on 24 February 2012

    I guess this is my answer.

    on 24 April 2012

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    New computer. Old one crashed and burned. Jesus, I need to be more careful. No more putting off back-ups.

    < Seece posted something on postofficebuddy's wall: Predict!

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Hunting trip successful. Nice 7 and 6 pointers. My freezer will be full for a while. 44 hour drives suck though.

    Elk season still?

    on 17 December 2011

    No, white tail.

    on 17 December 2011

    < Seece posted something on postofficebuddy's wall:

    Great Wii BF prediction! Not so great PS3 and X360

    lol, spoke too soon. My 360 prediction did indeed stink though.

    on 13 December 2011

    Yup, PS3 did very very well, wasn't expecting that kind of growth, still that was a mere battle, the war has yet to end

    on 13 December 2011

    < postofficebuddy updated his status:

    Happy thanksgiving!

    < Seece posted something on postofficebuddy's wall:

    40 - 80k boost my ass 18k. You still expect PS3 above 360 on BF?

    I agree that'll never happen

    on 23 November 2011

    < Jay520 posted something on postofficebuddy's wall:

    you ever consider getting an avatar?

    I'm lazy and can't think of anything appropriate for my taste that isn't either extremely niche or pornographic. Maybe I'll think of something soon.

    on 19 November 2011

    < Seece posted something on postofficebuddy's wall:

    Will you keel over if X360 beat's PS3 this year? seriously though, BenV is a pretty good source and he's seen projected 360 figures in the US for this q and they're huge

    What's his projection? And no, I wouldn't keel over. There's something that never seems to come up though in regards to your predictions. You talk about 360's Holiday sales potential, which I admit is huge. But do you account for the fact that PS3 will be seeing a significant YOY increase in 2 regions, and at least a modest one in the 3rd (Americas)? Particularly Japan which will probably be up by about 400k-500k this quarter.

    on 17 November 2011

    I posted in that thread, so you can see my opinion there. PS3 isn't set to get any growth in Americas, and Japan can't add that much in sheer units. It's up to EMEAA, with no GT5, to add the growth. And it's not like Sony has fallen short of shipments before. Why is Japan going to be up so much? maybe you can change my mind about that

    on 17 November 2011

    Did you forget what utter shit numbers PS3 pulled in Japan last holiday? All it needs is 2-3 good weeks to be up massively YOY there. You should have a good idea of how things will trend there after next week. Source is actually projecting that as well. In regards to EMEAA, you assume too much of the impact that GT5 had. It basically only gave a relatively good 1 week boost. It will likely be up yoy more in the next 2 weeks than it will be down that week. Plus 360 is set to be down noticeably there from here on out. Look at my 10 week prediction. I seem to be pretty bang on so far.

    on 17 November 2011

    There's no point, I disagree with you immensly and vice verser (which isn't a bad thing) we'll have a discussion in January either way!

    on 17 November 2011

    looking forward to it.

    on 17 November 2011

    BTW, are you talking about shipments or sell-through? Because unless I misread something you said in that thread that you expect both gaps to be 3.4 at the end of the year. That would still put PS3 on top by about 600k for sell-through. Of course it's possible that MS could win the year in terms of shipments. I never really disputed that. Shipment numbers can always be fudged for a quarter or 2. But then again Sony could always stuff the channel as well.

    on 17 November 2011

    I don't expect any channel stuffing (especially not from X360), but no, I expect 360 to be ahead in both, just like they've said, recently we've had the same sort of gap in sales to shipments though, that's why I expect both roughly 1 mill on shelves for PS3 and 360 come jan. Something like that anyway.

    on 17 November 2011

    Hey there are 10 hours left for the 10 Week Countdown if you were still wanting to enter and have the time.

    Yeah, I'll be posting my predictions briefly.

    on 30 October 2011

    Any ideas on how to fix the economy?

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