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    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on BHR3's wall:

    since you've already done a recent mak pain thread i figured you'd like to update your thread with this Max Payne Dusts Off Bullet Time In New Trailer

    thanks man but if you wanted you could of made a new thread for it or bumped mine, i dont care for the points or badges on here. i care about giving truthful expressions and reading them aswell, not alot of that on here lately, posters are scared to post what they really believe in

    on 12 April 2012

    i couldn't agree more. the only reason i didn't post it is because there are already allot of threads that are the same floating around the site already.

    i figured a content filled thread is better then another random one.

    on 12 April 2012

    all my resent threads have all been updated with info i find. it's a bit more complicated, but in the end, it's less to worry about.

    on 12 April 2012

    i wouldnt worry to much about it forums are pretty slow since 2010 even with some big games yet to release this year there isnt much activity, 07-09 really any thread would get 30-50 posts easy.

    i would focus more on trying to break hidden alliances and figure out others hidden agendas, these forums and site use to be a heaven for free speech and beliefs and thats the way it should of stayed.

    thanks for the add but no disrespect to you and the others that have already sent me one but, like Machina now i also have been pretty upset. i will just save the FR and only add a few posters that are in my secret club each one has there specific purpose there all candidates for bigger things , maybe one day you will earn the honor of joining it though

    on 12 April 2012

    agreed and respected

    on 12 April 2012

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on BHR3's wall:

    I was wondering why you sent me a friend request...then I realized this is a new account. What happened to the old one?

    < BHR3 updated his status:

    if you dont like this song. . . then i dont care about you

    < Slimebeast posted something on BHR3's wall:

    Hi man! Great to see you back. I got worried when I heard you left. Can you explain?

    Attention seeking? He thought he could bring his old account back, had a fit when he realised he wasn't allowed

    on 02 April 2012

    look who's talking, friend request sent friend deleted repeat till attention meter is filled

    on 02 April 2012

    Who's sad enough to even notice someone elses friends list? Did you permaban your accoutn because of all your crap predictions rofl

    on 02 April 2012

    i didnt notice it from you list but when machina would either take time off the site or have is wall filled with others questioning what happened. my ratio of failed perditions to correct is still positive for correct ones made, so no thats not the reason

    on 02 April 2012

    I think you're being kind, you remind me of some sort of stalker!! We laughed about that btw, he'd take me off my list just to see whatever pathetic comment you came out with, so childish . Run along and make some more crappy predictions BHR, theres a good boy!

    on 02 April 2012

    it doesnt work like that Seece, i dont make predictions they come to me

    on 02 April 2012

    lol why is Seece so angry with you BHR? I like your prophecies.

    on 03 April 2012

    < archbrix posted something on BHR3's wall:

    Nice to see you (and Katy Perry) back again.

    Lol! I love that sig. XD

    on 21 March 2012

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    Sony Santa Monica Hiring for New Shooter

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2012

    enditall727 said: BHR3 said:about time PS weakest area 1st and 3rd person shooters and my favorite genres, im hoping its a new franchise and not socom or mag wait what? doesn't Sony have THE BEST 3rd person shooters this generation has to offer? the only 3rd person shooters i can think of at the moment for PS3 and 360 are Uncharted and Gears Of War(i cant remember any great...

    Write 88

    Sony Santa Monica Hiring for New Shooter

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2012

    about time PS weakest area 1st and 3rd person shooters and my favorite genres, im hoping its a new franchise and not socom or mag ...

    Write 21

    PS3 for $200 at gamestop.

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2012

    we've seen 199 before i believe it was the holidays but with a gift card, i severely doubt we'll see any meaningful difference in the numbers ...


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