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    Zkuq's Wall

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    < VersusEvil posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Please read the guidelines, we don't accept steam as a valid summary source. Thanks.


    Is it not considered to be written by the publisher?

    on 11 January 2018

    Adding to that, I consider a game's Steam page to be very well comparable to the back side of a physical game case, so this ruling seems a bit... arbitrary. If you feel like that's still a reasonable ruling despite my points, I'll follow it of course, but here's my two cents on it.

    on 11 January 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks, and the same to you too!

    on 25 December 2017

    < KiigelHeart posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Katos en hokannutkaan että täällä joku suomalainen häärii. Et vissiin Xboxilla pelaile kuitenkaan?

    Juu, suomalainenhan minä. En koske Xboxiin, Microsoft ei miellytä. Tosin nykyään eivät hirveästi muutkaan konsolit mutta PS4 (ja PS3) löytyy silti talosta. Pääasiassa PC:llä pelailen.

    on 06 November 2017

    Heikosti on X1 menestynyt täällä kun vertaa 360:seen, mutta X:lle lienee ollut kysyntää kun julkaisupäiväksi ei saa enää mistään. Liian myöhään laitoin oman ennakkotilauksen niin kuun lopussa vasta pääsen siihen käsiksi. Erät toki oletettavasti olleet pieniä. Mutta eipä siinä, hyviä PC-pelailuhetkiä :)

    on 06 November 2017

    MS on kyllä vetänyt X:n kanssa yllättävän hyvin, mikä on ihan hyvä juttu. Kilpailu on hyvästä kun Sonykin vaikuttaa tällä hetkellä melko laiskalta pl. yksinoikeuspelit. Onnea sen X:n saannin kanssa ja mukavia pelihetkiä sinullekin!

    on 06 November 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Thanks for accepting!!

    Thanks for requesting! Also, welcome to my extremely busy wall.

    on 06 September 2017

    < Xen posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Well, what can I say? My experiment failed :P

    Ordered from the states fine and all, but the place decided to route it through Belgium (thanks, video games plus), so we will never really know if that would get caught by customs.

    Oh, the horror of not having to pay extra. :P I know now where I'll order if I want something from North America though!

    on 04 August 2017

    < Xen posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Funny how the last wall post is from me as well...

    Maybe you can help me out, as my level (or Google translate's) level of Finnish knowledge certainly can't, for now.

    Did you ever get to order games from outside the EU, say, the US or Canada? I am aware that Tulli would love to tax the shit out of me if my purchase goes over 45 euros, but it's not like these are items I can get in Finland, say, old Saturn games. If you did, did you have all that customs clearing happiness and so forth?


    I've ordered stuff from outside the EU a few times. However, that's only three games and a DS Lite, I think. The game from the US was cheap, a lot cheaper than the customs limit, so nothing happened to it. The games from Asia weren't too too much over the customs limit and didn't get 'caught'.

    However, the DS Lite got 'caught', and I had to pay some extra for it. It wasn't a huge hassle though. In the end, I could do everything online and while it was pretty confusing, I guess I managed to guess how to fill the forms well enough. Picking the right category for the console was a pain though, and I think I accidentally gave the wrong value for the product (due to variances currency exchange rates).

    Also, I think the limit is like 22 euros (for most stuff) these days. It used to be 45 euros, but apparently it still allowed a lot of stuff to be bought tax-free, so the limit was lowered 'some years ago'.

    I'm not sure how helpful this was, but feel free to ask more if you need more help! I'm not sure I can help much though, but I can try.

    on 15 July 2017

    This was a bit helpful in confirming my experiences with customs in other countries (and some info found online): basically, order rather small item = pass, but become "distinctive" and you might get customs attention.

    Been mostly lucky in my homeland of Israel though.

    PSP Go, DS Lite, my phone, passed untaxed.
    PS2, Sega Saturn, payed out my nose.

    Games, I don't think I ever got customs tax me at all.

    I am gonna do a, say, "test order" - two games, surely above 22 euros - and see what happens. There is also customs duty to levy at over 150 euros, and I have a suspicion that that is when they will actually bother with most items at all...

    on 17 July 2017

    < Xen posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    So, you need to crate a VR app as part of a certain course of yours? Where do you study?

    I study ICT at a Finnish university. There's a few specializations, and games and gamification are the one I've chosen. The course I was talking about isn't specifically a VR course, but one of the tasks on this course instance is creating a VR (or AR) app.

    on 17 November 2016

    =P yeah, but which Finnish uni ? Could it be Aalto uni, perhaps?

    on 17 November 2016

    Oh right, Finland for you too! Not Aalto, I study at the University of Jyväskylä.

    on 17 November 2016

    < SkepticallyMinded posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    "Ahem. There's no comprehensive explanation for the existence of the universe. Only religion claims to explain it. It's no evidence but it definitely explain a lot about why people tend to be religious: it's the only explanation we have so far. I'm not saying it's the correct explanation, but you don't really have to look very far to see why people are inclined to be religious. If you think about what we know, first everything was condensed into a very tiny point, and suddenly there was a humongous universe. For all we know, everything was just waiting there forever waiting to explode into a huge universe spontaneously.

    And yes, I believe that's the most plausible theory there is right now. I don't think it's a good one, but until there's a better one, this will have to do. But it sounds insane and leaves an interesting question open: where did the original point of matter come from? Don't be so surprised people have a hard time thinking religiously. There's probably other reasons as well for faith, but I think this is the one that's related to reason the most."

    Absence of a sufficient explanation of something does not mean "GOD DID IT" that's an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy.

    Your reasoning is as follows:

    1) Assume invisible sock stealing leprechauns exist.

    2) Socks go missing.

    3) PROOF - invisible sock stealing leprechauns did it!

    1) Assume some metaphysical agent exists called god who can create Universes.

    2) A Universe exists.

    3) PROOF - God did it!

    Problem is that this isn't even a valid argument, let alone a sound one. The structure is completely wrong.

    The fundamental issue is the presupposition you've made that invisible sock stealing leprechauns exist (or god in your analogy). If I presuppose that such creatures exist, I can logically posit them as a POTENTIAL solution to missing socks, but it doesn't necessitate that they are responsible even if they did exist.

    You would do well to enroll in a formal logic course to improve your reasoning skills and avoid logical pitfalls.

    I'd answer this properly, but judging by what you just posted, you have serious trouble with reading comprehension, so my answer would go to waste anyway. So I suggest you go back to elementary school and learn to read before suggesting anyone to take any courses.

    It's also funny you're suggesting me to take a course on formal logic, because I've had one low-level course on it. While I haven't had any any more comprehensive courses on it, I do have quite a bit of math and programming experience so I have a pretty strong grasp of logic. You chose the wrong victim, pal.

    on 17 October 2016

    I quoted you verbatim. In what way have I misunderstood and/or misrepresented your statements?

    This should be hilarious. Logic is my occupation, your elementary school level course clearly taught you nothing at all.

    on 26 October 2016

    I didn't say it was a logically valid reasoning. I said it's the only comprehensive explanation (whether it's correct or not), and that's why people are inclined to believe it. I emphasized people and the human factor in my post, and you chose to ignore it.

    on 26 October 2016

    So you admit that I haven't misrepresented your statement at all then. AWESOME.

    It's not even a metaphysically possible explanation due to the fact that, epistemically-speaking, such a being is not proved to be possible.

    Might as well posit a flying Unicorn farted the Universe into existence. It's stupid at best.

    on 26 October 2016

    Either your reading comprehension sucks or you're a troll. I'll let the mods decide which one it is.

    on 26 October 2016

    Back off and stop posting on this users wall. This is your final warning. You post here, even to reply -you'll be banned. He clearly does not want to continue the conversation. If that is so, you have to leave or talk about something more relevant.

    on 26 October 2016

    LOL the user never asked me to stop posting on his or her wall. You can review everything stated here plainly.

    How is this my "final warning" when I haven't even been asked to stop posting, haven't been given ANY warning, not even a hint?

    This is why 19 year old children should not be granted online powers...

    on 27 October 2016


    on 27 October 2016

    For what it's worth, I am indeed not interested in discussing with someone who seems to purposefully misinterprete my words. I didn't say so explicitly, but it shouldn't still be a surprise.

    on 29 October 2016

    < noname2200 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < BasilZero posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Hello friend :)

    Well hello there!

    on 01 January 2014

    < insomniac17 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    A fellow duckduckgo user! (Saw you post in that Kinect 2.0 conspiracy thread). Just wanted to say hi, and share my love of a fantastic search engine. (!bangs... so addicting. I can't live without them now).

    Well hi! They're called !bangs? I love them too, they're so useful! And sometimes it's handy to use those other tools, there's so many of them. And then there's the privacy thing, of course!

    on 12 July 2013

    They are. If you type that into duckduckgo, you'll get a list of all of the available ones... and there are a lot.

    on 12 July 2013

    < SamuelRSmith posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Don't want to derail my thread further, this is the kind of system that I'm talking about:


    I like the idea but I find it overly optimistic. Maybe I missed it because I couldn't really focus on the video as much as I would have liked and I might have missed something... But it did sound too optimistic.

    on 18 August 2012

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Hows it going! You been following the minecraft thread?

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Great minds think alike

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    XIII-2 E3 booth gameplay n some info on new elements, thought you might be interested. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=129816&page=1#

    I've already seen the video but thanks anyway, it could have been easy to miss with all these news. And I suppose advertising your own thread isn't too bad either ;)

    on 07 June 2011

    Just trying to wash away stains left by that disappointing trailer really lol

    on 07 June 2011

    < ssj12 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    mass effect 2 article, wtf this site is glitching tonight badly.

    < ssj12 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    i saw a comment on a mass effect 2 comment of your's. DICE was one of the first to have bullet drop starting in Battlefield 2.

    < noname2200 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Gotcha. Well if you change your mind, feel free to join us!

    < noname2200 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    Are you still interested in knowing more about Steam Secret Santa?

    < darthdevidem01 posted something on Zkuq's wall:

    I disagree, any plot holes in MGs4 were too little to take notice of. And both of us being FF fans, we should be used to plot holes in stories

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