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    Is FF 14 Online the best Final Fantasy, since 6th gen ended..? Best story too in my opinion.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2017

    Well, to each his own, I enjoyed FF XIII and got more than 150 hours on FF XV already (and I don´t even finish it) , guess MMO's are not my cup anyway ;P Saying that, nothing tops Final Fantasy VI, on Final series and in general for me,just my best game of all time. -Yet,cuz the best is yet to come, said my favorite tune of MGS saga :) -...

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    Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday Coming In 2010

    in Sony Discussion on 26 April 2010

    @Kyliedog: It's just a point of view,I'm really glad it is coming to PSP,is much better than get it released on cellphones as SE wants before,perhaps you have to consider to get a PSP....

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    What is the Best PS3 Exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 29 March 2010

    Ups! I forget to put Valkirye Chronicles at eleventh place...

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    What is the Best PS3 Exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 29 March 2010

    So many great experiences,for me the list goes:1.-MGS4 2.-Uncharted 2 3.-God of War 34.-Killzone 2 5.-Demon's Souls6.-LBP7.-Heavy Rain8.-Uncharted 19.-Resistance 1 & 210.-Wipeout HDFuture: 1.-FFXIII Versus 2.-Gran Turismo 5 3.-Last Guardian4.-Killzone 3 5.-Resistance 3Honorable mention: 1.-Infamous 2.-Heavenly Sword 3.-Folklore...

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    Is anyone tired of saving the world over and over again in jrpgs?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2010

    it's fun to save the world on games.Make you feel over powered,righteous,important and part of something really big.If the game is good then here we go,although is refreshing to play some games that don't involve such a task,is like playing just for pure joy,without the nerve of feeling that you're screawing the entire planet because your actions on a game.@Oxy: Well,on Gears of War and...

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    Worldwide Hardware Numbers Up!! Mar 6, 2010

    in Sales Discussion on 12 March 2010

    PSP is turning a big dilemma for Sony right now,is selling very good on Japan but is almost dead on US,on EU is just barely ok.Time for PSP2?if it is then Sony have to see what they have to improve and offer,DS2 and all the Apple portable line would being very strong as now.Either thing,I'm very happy with my PSP right now and waiting for MGS PW, FF XIII Agito,PE 3 and the exclusive game from RE...

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    Why is FF6 such a fan favorite?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 January 2010

    I said the reasons why many times before,for resume:It got it all,everything the good that we can ask for a perfect game,enuff say.The only game that could top it is Crhono Trigger....

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    FF13 voted the best game of all time by Famitsu readers

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2010

    FF1 was the hardest to date and that was something I liked so much about that gem (I'll remember come from school and play it for at least 3-5 hours just to level up,my stock of 99 potions get empty after EVERY dungeon,good times :-) ) I wonder how hard is FFXIII ?Everyone complaining this list just give it a break,is just another list,also is one that got many great games,you don't have to...

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    In your honest opinion.. which company creates the best RPGs? [Poll]

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2010

    Square,just for FF VI, Bioware and Bethesda are for sure the kings of WRPGs but on a full context SE is the one with FFs,DQs,KHs and Crhono Trigger (among many other titles) showing their masterful RPG crafting....

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    Which will be the better RPG FFXIII or FFversusXIII

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 January 2010

    Since I hear the first details about FF XIII Versus,I knew this were going to be the "FF" this current gen for me.The atmosphere,character design,story direction so far,graphics...Is not that I don't like it FF XIII(My second more waited game-after Versus :-p - ,is just that I'll prefer Versus at the moment. ...

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    First Heavy Rain Review!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2010

    Well,is not like they give a 10,I don't see any scandalous bias....

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    If you could only buy 3 games this year, what would they be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2010

    Final Fantasy XIIIGod of War IIIGran Turismo 5...

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    what ps3 games are u going to buy between now and march 31 ?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2010

    So many games... I wish I have enough time to play,but I have to work a lot for pay these,along the time I'll give to my girlfriend.Saying this I will buy only what I want to play for sure:1.- FF XIII 2.- God of War 33.- Yakuza 34.- Heavy Rain5.- Battlefiel Bad Company 2Star Ocean 4,WKH,Darksiders,Dante's Inferno and many more just have to wait for a rent or neither this....

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    Perfect game type for Natal? PS1 classic . . .

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2010

    Well,I don't know if you're being sensitive or serious,lol :-)...

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    Best Final Fantasy Story

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2010

    My Favs ones:1).-FF VI :So many characters plots,all of them with so remarkable and full of deep feeling sensations,crossing between them and forming an epic,unforgetable quest,not only for save the world,for find and accept themselves as well. 2.-FF VII: An alien main villain,a rulership company overexploting planet's main resources and many greats individual's story.3.-FF VIII: A great,...

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    IGN ranks Final Fantasy series

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2010

    I had some typos,sorry...I'm writing from my PS3's browser...yeah,I'd enjoy suffering myself ('>_> ')*...

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    IGN ranks Final Fantasy series

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 January 2010

    Oh...Final Fantasy franchise,one of the ver few that always start a world gaming opinions war among its followers,more outrage only seen on brand hardware wars -_-What do you people think will happen if both games (FF6&FF7) gets a similar remake treatment?I think that many people would appreciate better FF6 advantages over FF7,like more appealing characters with better development and deepness...

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    which of these games will be the most wanted game of 2010 ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2010

    I'm with you @ROBOTECHHEAVEN,neither the average scores or the unjustified JRPG's hate of late would affect my excitament for the last entry of my fav gaming series.Not that I don't wait with similar expectation other AAA's games like GT5,GofW3,Yakuza3 and others that could hit this year like Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising....

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    IGN ranks Final Fantasy series

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2009

    FF VI is the best on the series for many RPG's gamers (me included) because the highest standars on everything at the whole marvelous game,is almost flawless,don't misunderstand this with the blindly praise that mainstream devotes to FF VII (One of the best,but falls short against FF VI,an example? the number of the main cast and their character deep development).FF VI was the game that made me...

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    Dante's Inferno Demo impressions?

    in Sony Discussion on 11 December 2009

    I enjoy it a lot,like many before me said it,the history is interesting and involving,and the damn feeling is opressive like you really go to hell,graphics and musical score are decent enough too,and nobody want to misunderstood the fact that this is a God of War clone,but a good one indeed.Is first day buy for me and second hack&slash anticipated game,just behin God of War 3,and I liked it more...

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