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Soundwave said:
curl-6 said:

Wii/DS being "casual" doesn't mean they magically don't exist. 

Metroid is a niche series, that's got nothing to do with the viability of non-AAA games.

The idea that publishers absolutely must spend hundreds of millions of dollars per title to make their games sell, and that therefore their only choice is to make live service games is ridiculous and false. 

There are countless popular games that are not AAA.

How many "countless popular" games that are not AAA can you list that aren't

A) Made By Nintendo

B) Don't Rely On Existing, Established License with nostalgia attached to it

C) Not low-cost "indie" games

There's not actually a ton. 

Not many games exist that are *not* big AAA games inside the big AAA game industry. What a surprise. LOL.

I have more shocking news: not many ravens exist if you look at doves, not many trees if you look at grass and not many fish if you look at mountains.

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