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KratosLives said:
Mnementh said:

Sorry, what? Let me say to you, I don't see any video game design that only works on newer consoles. I guess you speak about graphics, which for me isn't new video game design, as it doesn't allow for new gaming experiences, only old gaming experiences a little bit prettier. but if we talk about video game design, then Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild opened new ways - possible on Switch.

Baldur's Gate 3 seems fresh for all the younglings here, but for me it is 90s game design - which I thouroughly enjoy. But in it's core it is Baldur's Gate 1+2, just more of it, prettier, systems more evolved. Sure, it wouldn't work on 90s machines, but that is because the devs designed it for newer ones, not that the underlying video game design demanded it. And to be clear: BG3 will be coming to Series S, so where is the problem?

Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, Wildermyth, these are games that brought on new video game design. But they don't need the newest gen.

If you want to play only graphics demos, you get Immortals of Aveum. Have fun with it.

But every game so far in the past few years is running on Series S, except they are Playstation or Nintendo exclusives. I am baffled how much these Playstation fans (Kratos) care about Split screen now, to the extent that they say, that if Series S owners can't have split screen, they shouldn't get games in the first place. Which seems a poor choice.

So if I have to choose a post in this thread which is delusional...

BTW: People should play Baldur's Gate 3, instead of worrying about Series S. They shouldn't wait for it releasing on PS5. It will be an inferior version anyways. While controller input works and is fine I guess, mouse and keyboard input is far superior for this game with higher precision and faster access to all the options with clicking in the hotbar instead of navigating through a series of selection wheels.

Why are you quoting me, when i'm defending the series s??

You did?

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