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arthurchan35 said:

They should not have released the S model in the first place, but since they have already did, they should keep it otherwise players with model S are straight up being backstabbed.

I don't think the S model is a mistake, even in hindsight. Gaming forum users see so much in regards to power, but most usual players don't really care. Model S brought modern games into the hands of millions of players and still do. And we have now *one* game where *one* feature (the split-screen) is a problem. I don't think most of future games really are a problem to get running on Series S.

I think for instance the reason for Immortals of Aveum flopping isn't the low resolution on S, the data we have about this game underperforming is from Steam, where players can have powerful rigs as they want. I think the game flops as it does offer not much beyond pretty graphics. If we look at the biggest releases this year, the series S gets now Baldur's Gate (without split-screen), Starfield, Diablo and so on. The games missing it are Nintendo and Playstation exclusives, so no power problem. I don't think Series S is in trouble.

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