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Nah, the Series S is fine as a more budget version of the Xbox Series. Does it result in some problems, most recently with split screen for BG3? Sure. But that doesn't mean series S gets useless suddenly. It is expected that you pay less and get a somewhat reduced experience, but still the option exists to allow people with less money to dip their toes into the platform. So the befit of having Series S available by far outweighs the downsides. Or to look at it another way: BG3 may lack split screen on series S, but without series S some players might not be able to play the game at all. I think that makes it a fine option.

And I agree that the lack of memory is the biggest problem of Series S. As MS designed it they probably only thought about scaling graphics and how lower res textures need less RAM, but graphics is not the only thing you can use the RAM for. So more of it even for S would'Ve been good.

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