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#39 Phoenix Point
guessed by Kakadu18 and Machina
platform Stadia
release year 2019
developer/publisher Snapshot Games
genre strategy, turn-based tactics
links Wikipedia, MobyGames

In 1994 the small studio Mythos Games led by Julian Gollop created UFO: Enemy Unknown (in America released as X-COM: UFO Defense). That game put together a highly tactical game in an alien invasion scenario. This blueprint was copied. One of the newer copies is made by Snapshot Games, led by none other than the same Julian Gollop who created the original. Phoenix Point is targeting to be the spiritual successor of the 25 years old game, modernized but keeping the central ideas. As such - like the original game - Phoenix Point creates some deep lore and engaging tactical gameplay with lots of options to decide the battle in your favor... or mess it up.

In the future the global warming releases an old virus from the permafrost, the Pandora virus. It's abilities include rearranging the DNA of infected life forms, leading to strong mutations. It even mixes up DNA from different creatures to create something new with abilities and traits borrowed from these different creatures. The mutated creatures start to attack the human civilization, leading to our downfall and near extinction.

In this peril an old organization get's reactivated, the Phoenix Project. Sadly it happens late and most of human civilization is broken. The surviving humans gather in Havens, which are mostly aligned to one of three factions. These factions have different standings on how to deal with the changed world. While the disciples of Anu, a new religion try to incorporate mutations to develop humanity, another faction named New Jericho tries to exterminate the virus and the mutations. Synedrion tries to advance human civilization and is discussing how and if they want to use the Pandora virus.

You get control of the Phoenix Project and try to deal with the mutated horros, protecting the remaining survivors of humanity and dealing with these factions.

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