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Slownenberg said:
Wman1996 said:

Good takes by both of you.

And yes, Mario Kart 9 on Switch is still very much possible, though not a given. The heavily rumored Switch 4K model is supposedly coming in September of this year. That makes me think that Switch 2 won't launch until at least November 2023, if not March or November 2024. 

Mario Kart 9 could come out on Switch (probably 2022, maybe 2023) and then have an enhanced port released on Switch 2 right at launch or in the launch window. That way, you could stretch the game out over two platforms. I mean Nintendo did that with Mario Kart 8 after all. And that way you have a killer app (even if it's not a truly new game) available right on Switch 2 at the start. Mario is Nintendo's biggest IP, and more specifically Mario Kart is.

Why do you think Switch would be replaced so soon?? 2023 would be soooo early even if a new model wasn't coming out.

He didn't say though, that Switch 2 followed closely on the release of MK 9. MK8 was also more in the middle of the life of the WiiU and still got an launch window port on Switch. That might be possible again, even if the game is a few years old by then.

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