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In the californian city of Stockton an experiment for universal basic income paid $500 to 125 people for two years. The results of the experiment are now reviewed:

One of the results is, that employment in the group did rise:

"When the program started in February 2019, 28% of the people slated to get the free money had full-time jobs. One year later, 40% of those people had full-time jobs. A control group of people who did not get the money saw a 5 percentage point increase in full-time employment over that same time period."

While the participants did know that the experiment was time-limited for two years, this doesn't support the often mentioned concern that an UBI would lead to lost emplyment.

Also, as a result the participants showed better mental health:

"Researchers found the people who got the money reported lower incidences of anxiety and depressive symptoms when compared to another group of people who did not get the money. "

What do you think about universal basic income (UBI)?

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