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curl-6 said:

I still think PS4 + Xbone will outsell PS3 + 360, much as I don't think they deserve to.
Just 10 million more, that's not much.

Hi @curl-6 I hope you are right. For reference here is how much consoles sold from the point the PS4 is currently at:

Total 85+15,009,9836,159,6901,686,1098,342,2328,949,0195,136,99049,1940891,199430,897

The december values are not final for the PS4 and XONE. PS4 seems to be having similar numbers  to the 3DS,  that ended up making 5.1M while the XONE seems to be a bit higher than the Wii that sold 1.7M.

Hopefully this november and december were not the normal of what to expect for the rest of their life cycles.