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VAMatt said:
They need to spend some money to get at least one big AAA game per quarter in the Pro subscription within a couple months of launch., And maybe one of each year's big fall releases on launch day. The offering at this point is generally pretty decent. But, they need something exciting once in a while. I figure I will eventually give Stadia a try. But, there just hasn't been anything compelling enough to get me to go through the trouble and expense of signing up. I'm sure there are a bunch of other people in this same boat. Some excitng games once in a while would probably do the trick for many of us.

I agree, Stadia needs something big from time to time. Biggest things so far as I can see are Tomb Raider and Metro. Maybe Baldur's Gate will be included, Google added finance to the budget of the game. That would be big for me.

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