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DonFerrari said:
Mnementh said:

You point to some posts in this thread and speak about the Nintendo-fanbase on this site, although the fanbase on this site include me and I am critical of this move. Again: applying actions of single persons to a whole group is a bad practice, as a group is made of individuals, who all think and act differently. If you want to criticize posts of certain people, then directly name then and criticize their posts, not applying their actions to the whole Nintendo-fanbase on this site.

So please stop criticizing the whole fanbase, call out the people and posts that are going wrong. But often enough claims of hypocrisis are actually conflating criticism of user A against company X with praise of user B for company Y, by claiming both users are the same (the magic whatever fanbase) and therefore what user A does is also what user B thinks. So in this example: find the users that praise this collection and criticized similar collections of other companies and call them out.

And yes, other companies get away with shit on this site plenty.

Snore fest... stop pretending that when anyone talks about a fanbase that must mean every single member of the fanbase.

I have criticized and discussed their posts directly as well.

And was multiple people, and read my posts and you'll see it pointed. Like in the thread about the announcement asking if people would buy it was like 2/3 of the pool on buying, so yes when a majority portrays it as ok them it is ok to consider that as "generalization".

You claim this:

Yet as I pointed out the move was criticized and in other instances the move that was criticized is also fully embraced by fans. For instance  Naughty Dog is known for exploiting it's workers with overtime and bad working conditions, yet still TLOU2 was still embraced by the community on this site. So exactly the thing you pointed to here. So yes, I stand by my point, that the Nintendo fanbase here is not different to other fanbases on this site, the thing you claimed.

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