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Eugh. I hate it when companies think their product is the center of my life. If I want to place art objects in my living room, I purchase art object. Functional devices should be of unobtrusive design. Basically: I want to look at games, not the console. TV-makers get it right these days, the designs remove more and more everything not the screen. That is the right direction.

What makes it worse is, that I think this is not stackable. I own multiple devices, for gaming and non-gaming, but I lack the space to present each of these electronic devices on it's own place. Stacking is really helpful.

And to finish it off, this thing is ginormous. Is it the biggest console ever? I don't know, but it probably is close.

It will probably catch dust a lot and is difficult to clean with all this shapes.

Well, does it look absolutely hideous. No. It is weird, but it is not ugly.

So my overall verdict: 2/5. There is room below, but a lot more to improve.

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