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tbone51 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:


And those threads are always funny as heck in retrospect when reading the doubter's posts...

Oh no, I think I made like 30 and I probably did some dumb ones lol.

off the top of my head I said LM2 would do 1mil in japan, Splatoon would break 1mil WW in a month and Splatoon would hit 1mil in japan by years end..... BotW would sell over 10mil and that was an understatement lol

The Splatoon ones were especially funny, since so many thought it would sell similarly to TW101

Here's a list of BOLD Predictions:

  1. This one will get interesting in a week or so: Can AC cross 25M Worldwide?
  2. 10M LT for Luigi's Mansion 3
  3. Your Ultimate Bold prediction of 15M first month for Smash. Didn't work out, but not that far off, either.
  4. A bit less bold: 25M LT for Smash
  5. Even less bold (and older): 20M+ for Smash
  6. Splatoon 2018 outselling Splatoon 2017?
  7. 99 On Metacritic for Super Mario Odyssey? Almost, dude, almost...
  8. Splatoon 2 outselling DQ XI combined numbers. Could need some update btw
  9. 10M LT for BotW
  10. 4M Switch in Japan in 2017
  11. 18M shipped for Sun/Moon in launch year
  12. Fire Emblem IF 700k FW and 1M+ LT in Japan
  13. A bold prediction about Amiibos
  14. As for Splatoon... looks like that one wasn't a BOLD prediction. At least I couldn't find one, just this. But. It. Is. Glorious! As is this one, which is just about Japan.

Also funny how you predicted Splatoon in Smash already after it's E3 announcement trailer

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 25 April 2020