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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can We Possibly See the "Splatoon" Characters in Super Smash Bros as a Playable Character?


Splatoon Kids for this Upcoming Super Smash?

Definitely should be Playable 11 36.67%
Should be Represented, but Not Playable 8 26.67%
Nothing In Super Smash 5 16.67%
Would be Cool as a DLC Character 5 16.67%
Who??? 1 3.33%



Splatoon Kids Join the Fight??? Would that be Cool for SSB for WiiU/3DS.... Wouldn't It?

Surprised nobody has mentioned it already, its being developed by a well known team from nintendo. Also They would be perfect for Smash for a couple Reasons....



1. They obviously fit in like most Nintendo Characters do. (just look at them lol)

2. They would have very interesting movesets. A gunner which their is hardly any, with paint. They have Bombs / paint rollers / Tornado shooter / etc.


3. Since Super Smash comes out earlier than Splatoon, it would greatly help out the franchise (marketing) and give the franchise some recognition!

4. They already kinda have a fanbase, though its only been known (the franchise) for barely a week!


5. Another Female Rep




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Seriously so much fan art!

I don't really see it being part of SSB4 but maybe on their next one


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I wish I could make sprites like that...

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I thought the same thing too. I'd be done for that. With all their weapons, abilities and transformations they'd actually make legit fighters.

I could see them being featured in a future installment...
If anything, I could see them getting a trophy or something...

Have a nice day...

I'd love it, but a bit doubtful until the IP picks up steam.

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Nope. Too new. Haven't earned it yet.

Well, this is new.


I would absolutely love it, but I think it is very unlikely.

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