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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can We Possibly See the "Splatoon" Characters in Super Smash Bros as a Playable Character?


Splatoon Kids for this Upcoming Super Smash?

Definitely should be Playable 11 36.67%
Should be Represented, but Not Playable 8 26.67%
Nothing In Super Smash 5 16.67%
Would be Cool as a DLC Character 5 16.67%
Who??? 1 3.33%

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No, it comes out after Smash Bros. They'll probably put them on the next game, though.

Nintentacle said:
No, it comes out after Smash Bros. They'll probably put them on the next game, though.

Roy says hello, and Lucas was almost in the same predicament in SSBM :o

They would be cool fighters, but it's too soon for them to join the brawl. I think it would be good cross marketing but they just don't have the Smash pedigree every other character/franchise has. I'd like to see them as an assist trophy and as collectable tophies for sure.

If popular, then yes for the NEXT SSB game. Just like we now have Wii Fit trainers.

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I doubt it since they are a new IP. The last time something like this happened was with Pikmin 1 and Smash Melee. We didn't get Olimar in that game but we did get a trophy if we had the game saved to our memory card.

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They probably started development on it after Smash was well underway, and it was said that the characters for Smash were picked well in advance. However, I bet they could make a great assist trophy! I'm sure they'll at least be a collectible trophy.