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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: Super Smash Bros "Switch" Will Sell 20mil+ Lifetime. (10mil by years end)



Well as long as its 100% new (it can reuse assets just not a port)


20mil+ lifetime, 10mil ship+digital by years end.


Your Thoughts on both?








Believe..... Nintendo is in a great position, SSB in a better one!

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A classic tbone51 thread.

I will obligatorily disagree with your prediction. Best-selling SSB? Yes, but not with such a high margin of victory.

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I'm not going to say no. But I would like to know why you think it will sell 20m+

I disagree, but I think it will sell 10 Million Plus.


Less then brawl

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Barkley said:
I'm not going to say no. But I would like to know why you think it will sell 20m+

Sure, i think 20mil first most and most obvious because the game will be achievable on such a system unlike 3ds and especially wiiu.


20mil because with the inclusion of inklings, japanese market will grow compared to that of past entries. There for possibility of a 4mil seller is there compared to 3ds and ssbb 2.5mil ish.


More importantly there are alot of new nintendo owners and that of a mature audience and smash is a perfect market for that specifically. With how much bigger mario is with botw link that have gaves that tower over their previous entries the game will look even more attractive imo. Add in to the fact that this will be more popular to have in handheld mode compare to 3ds version and being optimistic i think it can happen

10 m -> Sure. Very likely
20 m -> Maybe. Only possible is NS goes over or near 100 m

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Considering Smash Switch looks to be the only "big" title this year, I fully believe that it will reach 20 million. It seems most of Nintendo franchises are selling better then they did on past consoles, it has a really big chance of making groundbreaking numbers. 

20m is not that bold tbh S4 in total has sold 14m while Brawl sold 13m I can see it hitting 20m LT just fine provided its a new instalment.

...just because the Smash 4 community wants to get away from the Bayo-fest doesn't mean that they'll jump over with reckless abandon :P