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TruckOSaurus said:
Jumpin said:

I don't recall a Zelda game that has even close to as much plot and subplot as Breath of the Wild. Nor do I recall one that has even close to the level of presentation.

I always think the same thing when I read the comments on the story of BotW. It's not like previous Zelda games were huge on story and if you go and find all the memories, you get a ton of story. I can understand people who didn't like the focus on the past events but saying there was less story than usual is not accurate.

Hmm, what I mean is this: classic games have after you solve a part, you get a cut-scene or dialogue or something, that guides you to your next goal. So if I say story, I also include the gameplay elements you are guided though. In BOTW you can go straight to Ganon after leaving the Plateau and skip everything else. Instead it gives you the freedom to forge your own story.

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