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StuOhQ said:
I actually got addicted by the demo of the first one lol.

Yeah, same for me. Really, I downloaded the demo of the first one thinking 'just another Minecraft-clone, but I could test out the free demo for like 10 minutes'. I played the demo for two or three hours and was already deep into making my city better and better and stepped on that teleportal - and the game said that this is not part of the demo. At this point I realized I had totally forgotten playing a demo. And it was still weeks until the release of the full game. I couldn't wait. I needed more materials to improve my city now!

The_Liquid_Laser said:
I really liked the first Dragon Quest Builders, but I haven't tried the second one yet. I'll probably pick it up at some point. The good games come out faster than I can play them.

Yeah well, I preordered Fire Emblem and did not even look at it as I still play DQB2.

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