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Let's share the most legendary threads on VGC ever created.

To get us started, I have some pearls.

Have you ever experienced something unexplainable?

VGC-users sharing campfire-stories.

Who are your top 5 favorite or hated members?

MontanaHatchet ruining all the fun and Rols post getting owned.

Quote from girl: "The wii isnt as enjoyable as the 360"

leo-j finds shocking evidence.

The Japan is Games?

Do I need to say more?


The shocking thing about this thread is not the prediction. But how many seriously considered it.

The Wii to be Nintendo's last Console?!?!

Apparently Nintendo is going handheld only after the Wii.

the Blu-ray thread, will go on untill hddvds death.

The thread was an unstoppable machine. The OP got banned. The thread goes on. The thread got more posts than the OP ever had and still goes on. HDDVD dies. The thread goes on. A mod shoots the thread in the neck. Dammit.

I have lost faith in the Wii and its future

12 hit combo

What legendary threads do you remember? Maybe if you add some more great contenders I can put up a poll.

EDIT: So, some excellent threads were mentioned.

Snoorlax said:

Globally in the USA.
mZuzek said:

The GTX 1080 Ti giveaway, of course.

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