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crissindahouse said:
I will never understand gamers if it comes to console prices.

Not only is the console itself only a small part of what you pay overall for gaming but it seems as if gamers never have more money even 30 years later even though people around them get a payraise every freaking year and inflation is a thing.

500 bucks shouldn't be really a problem if 400 wasn't 7 yesrs earlier if the console releases in 2020.

That is true for us here in the forums, who buy and play probably 10 games or more a year. But as many people watch one movie a year in the cinemas - and these are the customers who create a blockbuster - so are gamers who play one game a year (probably FIFA). And they make a successful console. If a company targets only gamers dedicated enough to visit regular gaming forums, they probably sell 5M lifetime. Let's be generous and say 10M - exactly this was the case with PS Vita and WiiU. Many dedicated gamers liked these devices. But not the majority, who plays fewer games.

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