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Spindel said:

All of above are truly subjective, but I personally will probably never finish the game. I’m 10-12 h in and simply don’t get hooked.

"GTA V is overrated, it simply isn't fun."

Because basically, GTA bored me to death and I gave up around 10 hours in or so because I couldn't stand it. True story.

So, the problem with your thread is the headline and mods really should change it. Claiming XY is overrated because I didn't like it, is the same as saying everyone loving it is stupid. Stop it. The phrase 'it simply isn't fun' is true, as long as you add 'for me'.

So please mods fix this title to something along the lines of 'Dark Souls simply isn't fun for me', which would be not offending.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 25 January 2019

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