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Immersiveunreality said:
Mnementh said:

It's true that climate change happened in the geologic past. But usually over tenthousands of years, not in decades. Such fast change never happened before.

EDIT: Image to big to embed it in the post, but this shows in a pretty good way, how much faster we are warming the earth:

Fast change did also happen before and was mostly invoked by massive vulcanic eruptions,releases of big amount gasses ,changes in jetstreams and ocean currents. 

But i agree we most likely have a big impact on the current state and must do what we can to lessen our footprint as a species on this earth if we want to keep this an environment we would like to enjoy for the coming thousand years.

Such changes as you describe only had local changes (local can be a whole continent in this context, but still not the whole earth), and it often was temporary.

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