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Chazore said:
I like how we've managed to turn this from MHW crossing 10m to "let's all thank PS4 and forget everyone else", "Also let's jab at Nintendo just because".

I won't be adding to the number yet, not until Capcom sort out that expensive late PC port .

No one is jabbing at Nintendo, they are jabbing at Nintendo fans who thought MH can only be successful on Nintendo hardware despite its past success on PlayStation.

Its a fair jab.

I don't think Capcom will see this nor will they care, they are getting more than what they bargained for here. For me personally, I double dip when its a really good game. For GTA 5 I triple dipped, PS3, PS4 and PC. I'll do the same for RDR 2 when it releases on PC.

0D0 said:
Dr.Vita said:

And they said that a Monster Hunter game which is not on a Nintendo console wouldn't sell. xD

It was a great move from Capcom to bring this game back to Playstation! Amazing sales!

Indeed it was a brilliant move. Even considering NSW success now, back then, it was the best and maybe only move to keep the franchise going.

Hearing some Nintendo fans saying that the game would fail while trying to explain multiple times that the game had a lot of potential was tough. After the game's success when I pointed out this fact I had to hear how they hated the game. After that I keep staying away from Nintendo fans. I don't mean to upset any Nintendo fan nor trying to generalise it, just sharing my experience.

Really, such fans existed? Is that for real or are these crazy fans made up? Or more likely, were there one or two of fans making such statements?

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