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Stuart23 said:

Nintendo has shared two lists from the best selling games from the first half of the year (january-june). The first being the top 30 from games available in both retail and eShop, and the second the best sold among the digital-only titles. Btw I have no idea why Minecraft is in both lists.

       Retail + Digital

  1. Minecraft (Microsoft Japan) [21.6.2018]

    Digital only

  1. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Microsoft Japan) [12.5.2017]

I saw that with the retail-release of Minecraft, it got a rerelease in the eShop with a different name (the first was Nintendo Switch Edition, the current has as far as I know the unified codebase). You could download the new release for free, if you had the Nintendo Switch Edition (which is after the new one unavailable in the eShop). Therefore I think the numbers in Digital only are for this nintendo Switch edition (and has no sales after the 21st of June), and the retail+digital is the new version. It is baffling how both version can get the top-spot.

EDIT: I just realized, that Microsoft has major trouble to get into the japanese market with the Xbox, but at the time has one of the most successful IPs in Japan. Funny how things work out sometimes.

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