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John2290 said:
A naive fool that caused so much avoidable grief and sorrow and continues to borrow into the minds within our society today, ever threatening to unravel all so many have died to achieve. I look at this man I once admired and I see nothing but sorrow.

Actually, the theories of Marx have merit and are taught even these days in economy and political philosophy. The ideas were subverted though by Stalin and Mao, who used it to suppress their enemies. They forced Marxism or some variant thereof by usage of violence upon the people.

This doesn't mean I think his theories are correct, they are worthy to discuss though. But it is unfair to put the atrocities created in his name on him, the same as you shouldn't accuse Charles Darwin for the social darwinism of the Nazis or put the atrocities done for profit and market domination onto the legacy of Adam Smith.

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