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Finally got my hands on with my neon Switch this Friday!

Been waiting patiently for the package to arrive, while trying to avoid any further BotW spoilers before I got a go at it.

I'll be setting it up today at my house when I get there, but the experience so far has been great. Co-op on any room, struggling with bow aim while in the car and just playing a little longer before nodding off... jejeje, going to enjoy this little bright one.

Haven't had any issues with it, just that the joy-con straps are harder to take off than I thought. Got the Nintendo case which came with a cover, so if I see any of those "scratches" the console at least is protected. Build quality is nice, I like the size of both the console and joy-cons. From the other issues mentioned online, I didn't notice any syncing problems. What I did like was the HDMI-CEC, the TV turns on and changes HDMI input when you dock or switch on the device, it even turns off with the TV... really cool! 

As a sign off, here's dunkey with Breath of the Wild... maybe spoilers if there are ppl still waiting?

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