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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch OS 2.0.0: public WiFi, eShop, My Nintendo, Friend Codes

Here’s the list of features to be added with this Firmware update:

  • ability to connect to the internet via Wifi hotspots that require authentification;
  • post screenshots on social media;
  • get news via the News feature;
  • access the Nintendo eShop;
  • play online;
  • link a Nintendo Account to the console;
  • use the Parental Controls app;
  • redeem retail games on My Nintendo;
  • Friend Codes;
  • and more…

The Day 1 update will bring the Firmware of the Nintendo Switch to Ver. 2.0.0. Besides the aforementionned functionalities, it will also add a pretty neat feature: one that allows you to automatically turn on your TV when you put the Nintendo Switch into its dock. Sounds like HDMI-CEC to me.

About the Day 1 update, Nintendo doesn’t tell us how big it is, but specifies that it will take about 10 to 20 minutes to download it. Once downloaded, the update should take about 10 seconds to install.


And GameXplain obviously have a video already...


Really interested if that TV feature is HDMI-CEC

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i really hate friend code... but is optional ?


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"Redeem retail games on My Nintendo"

So we get gold coins for physical copies of games?

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Friend codes? WTF? I thought that Nintendo were through with that.

Lol friend codes?

Even if optional I can't believe this is still a thing

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Seems that the Joy - Con connectivity issues are fixed according to some people on Reddit who have it, supposedly one lad put it behind their back and covered it with their hands and it still worked great. 


Friend codes though. REGGIE YOU LIED TO ME. Hopefully they fix this when the paid online kicks in.

Shikamo said:
i really hate friend code... but is optional ?

You can also add people locally

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Probably just increased the wifi power to improve reception. The dock probably kills it a little bit so it needed to be boosted.

I vomited in my mouth a little when I saw "Friend Codes".

Friend codes??


I just can't..... :,D