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UnitSmiley said:
spurgeonryan said:
UnitSmiley said:
spurgeonryan said:
It would be nice to have a demo of this game. That may or may not convince a lot of people to get it.

I definitely think a demo would do some good. Playing the game blew my expectations away (and i was already excited for it). I think people still unsure would see how great it is after playing the demo and want to pick it up :p

Well how much time do you get with the controls in the first level? Is it mainly a tutorial or does it just throw you right into the game.

Honestly it pretty much throws you right in while Palutena is telling you what to do. But if you turn the dialogue off, it's just like every other level.

Not that the other levels are too much alike.

Palutena tells you in many levels, what to do. This helps to get the weak spot of a boss or similar things.

And there are separate tutorial-videos, so you can watch these to get the controls.

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