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EpicLight said:
@Mnementh, and yes, by far the best-looking, best-playing, all-around game that has hit the 3DS since launch. The controls are perfect for this type of fast-paced action. A lot of people aren't buying the game because of the controls. How stupid. There is more configuration than you can imagine, and you do not have to use the stylus. I have 50 hours in Uprising so far, and usually play in 3-5 hour intervals, and I've never experienced any "hand cramps." Just get used to the controls, and you'll be fine. It shouldn't stop you from buying the greatest 3DS game that has hit the system.

I have to add, that the autofire-option allows to avoid constantly pressing the L-Button. That is the reason for people with big hands that they feel uncomfortable: pressing L and using the circle-pad at the same time. A 3DS XL would be also good for this reason. Anyways, if you encounter this try autofire. You will press sometimes L anyways, but it is no longer needed to do it constantly.

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